In non-emergent situations, we will only perform an invasive procedure or surgery after you have given us your informed consent. Before we ask you to sign a consent form, we are committed to fully explaining in detail the expected risks, benefits, outcomes, other treatment options, and the likely results of not having the procedure performed.

Please ask us to explain any part of the consent form that you do not understand. Do not sign the form until we have completely addressed all of your concerns and questions to your full satisfaction. If the form does not specify the procedure and the parts of your body on which it will be performed, please make sure we add this information before you give permission with your signature.

To help ensure that your surgery is done in a safe and timely way, RINI will coordinate any preparations, such as pre-operative evaluations, that may be needed beforehand. In addition, we will coordinate any medical clearance(s) needed from your primary care doctor or a specialist such as a cardiologist.

We don’t always recommend surgery, and regardless of our recommendation, please feel free to obtain a second opinion. If you like, we can suggest other doctors for you to see.

We are also happy to provide second opinions for patients of other surgeons.