Rhode Island Neurosurgical Institute performs both basic science and clinical research. Dr. Sampath directs the federally funded Brain Tumor Laboratory at Roger Williams Medical Center. This laboratory is dedicated to bringing effective, new treatments for malignant brain tumors from bench to bedside as quickly as possible. Currently, it is focusing on targeted immunotherapy using designer T cells against two types of brain tumors:

(1) primary tumors, that is, those at the original site.

(2) metastatic, or spreading, tumors.

The laboratory collaborates with many labs around the country, including the University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins University.

Additionally, Rhode Island Neurosurgical Institute collaborates on many clinical trials. They include studies of medical devices, such as those intended for use in artificial disk replacements, which offer an alternative to disk fusions. We are also testing barriers to prevent adhesions, or internal scarring, after lumbar diskectomy and drugs to reduce blood loss during spinal fusion surgery. In cooperation with Brown University and Boston University, we are investigating novel ways to fight brain tumors.

Patients of the Rhode Island Neurosurgical Institute may be invited to participate in one of these studies. If that occurs, you will receive a consent form explaining how your information would be used and disclosed if you decide to participate.