RINI Patient Portal FAQs

Why register to use the RINI Patient Portal?

The RINI Patient Portal The Patient Portal is secure online access to your “chart” in our office.

How do you register to use the RINI Patient Portal?

To register as a user you must provide our staff with your email address. You can do that at the front desk at an upcoming appointment, via email using the “contact us” link on this website, or by calling our office.

Once you have given us your email and let us know that you would like to register, you will receive an email confirmation that will have your username and temporary password to your RINI patient portal. You must have a username and password to access the site.

Its that simple!

Why register with the RINI patient portal?

Gain instant access to your health record at our office.

Whenever something is posted to your portal, like appointments or a message, you will receive a simple email prompting you to check your portal (no health information is relayed in this email).

You will be able to communicate with our office staff and make inquiries such as:

  • Making or rescheduling an appointment with our office
  • Requesting a referral to another healthcare provider
  • Requesting a prescription refill